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Event Details

  • PCCR Week

    Februrary 5 - 9: Check back for more details. Juniors need to meet with counselors this week to plan for their Senior years.

  • Photobook Meeting

    February 12: in Ms. Stoker's rom at 3 PM. Let Ms. Stoker know if you are interested in being in the Photobook Club!

  • Creative Writing Club

    February 13: in Mrs. Jensen's rom at 3 PM.

  • President's Day

    February 19: Enjoy your day off!

  • Math Club

    February 20: in Mrs. Green's room at 3 PM.

  • Math ACT Prep

    February 20-22: in Ms. Stoker's room from 6 - 8 PM. Come learn how to get a higher ACT score on your Math test. Come to one, two or all nights.

  • SUU Career Fair

    February 21: Juniors and Seniors may want to go to this during a school break, on SUU campus.

  • ACT Test During School

    February 27: Mandatory ACT test for all JUNIORS!!

  • Creative Writing Club

    February 27: in Mrs. Jensen's room at 3 PM.


    February 27: Student Government and the Honor Society are planning an exciting night! Come dance and eat at the Great Hall from 7 - 9:30 PM that Tuesday! "Sunday" dress. Come for the fun!!

  • 3rd Quarter Ends

    March 7: Can you believe it!?! That went fast!

  • SheTech Explorer Day

    March 1: Some of our SUCCESS students will be attending this! Make sure you let the front office know if you are interested in going as well!

  • Teacher Contract Days

    March 8 - 9: No school for the students! Enjoy your days off.

  • 4th Quarter Begins

    March 12: Students! Hold on one more quarter! You can do it!

  • Big Virtual College Admissions Fair

    March 13: Apply for colleges online all day. Get prizes and discounts on applications.

  • SUU Science Olympiad

    March 24: Anyone interested in participating in this, see Mr. Jackson

  • SUU Science Fair

    March 30: Mrs. Bird's students will participate in this during school.