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Event Details

  • Finals Week!!

    December 12-15:The week every student waits for!! Good luck!

  • ICSD Career fair for all Juniors

    December 15: Get great ideas for your future career! See what it is you like and what jobs might interest you.

  • SUU SUCCESS Science Fair

    December 18: This is what all the science students have been working toward almost all year! It's a great day and good luck to everyone!

  • Last day of 2nd Quarter

    December 20: Are your grades where you need them to be? This is the last day of the quarter AND semester!

  • 2nd Quarter Activity -
    The Winter Olympics!

    December 20: Let's celebrate all your hard work! We will have the Winter Olympics during your cohort. Enjoy treats and activities!

  • Winter Break!

    December 21 - January 1: No school!!! Enjoy your break and be safe!

  • 3rd Quarter Begins

    January 2: Can you believe it!?! We're already in 3rd Quarter?! Good luck on a new quarter and semester, students! You can do it!

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    January 15: No school! Enjoy your day off.