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Concurrent Enrollment


SUCCESS Academy has partnered with SUU to provide students the opportunities to take college courses concurrently during high school. For a more complete understanding of Southern Utah Universities Concurrent Enrollment program visit the SUU CE Home Page.

SUCCESS Academy students begin taking college course in the 10th grade. The grades and credits earned through these courses become a permanent record on a students university transcript. To be eligible for C.E. a student must have a minimum high school cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0. If a student will be taking a Math or English course he/she must have an ACT Math sub-score of 23 and an ACT English sub-score of 17, respectively.

To meet math and English eligibility requirements a student may also use a score from the ACT-R or Accuplacer test. Both of these tests are offered through the SUU Testing Center.

SUCCESS Academy and SUU are continually striving to offer the best courses for students. Below is a sampling of C.E. courses available at SUCCESS Academy, which also help meet some of the high school graduation requirements.

English 1010 Math 1010 Biology 1010/1015 History 1700 Art 1010
English 2010 Math 1030 Biology 1020/1025 Political Science 1100 Humanities 1010
Math 1040 Biology 1610/1615 ENGR 1010
Math 1050 Chemistry 1010/1015 LM 1010
Math 1060 Chemistry 1110/1115 NFS 1020
Math 1210 Chemistry 1120/1125 PSY 1010
Chemistry 1210/1215
Chemistry 1220/1225
Physics 1010/1015

Some Policies and Procedures from SUU Concurrent Enrollment

  • In general, add/drop dates, refunds, withdrawal, unofficial withdrawal, etc., follow the current SUU policies. No refunds are made for admission fees.
  • Beginning Fall 2013, students will be charged $5 per credit for all Concurrent Enrollment courses.
  • CE students are not permitted to repeat a university course while in high school, nor are “incompletes” given to CE students.
  • CE courses are not available to students whose high school class has graduated.
  • Grades earned in CE courses become part of the student’s university transcript.
  • Policies pertaining to academic honesty and plagiarism apply to CE students.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining and bearing the cost of text books and other course materials.
  • CE courses typically fall within a general education category. However, not all general education courses satisfy specific requirements of a student’s chosen major. Students are encouraged to consult with an SUU academic adviser to make sure they are making the best decision for their respective goals.
  • ALL policies CAN change and are at the disgression of SUU.