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Year at a Glance 2016-2017

  • New Student Orientation
  • Back to School Night
  • Needs Assessment Survey to all students
  • Weekly Senior Seminar class begins
  • Monitor Student Grades
  • Begin updating 4-year plans with all classmen
  • UHEAA Higher Ed Conference
  • PSAT
  • Senior Individual CCR Meetings
  • Review 1st quarter grades
  • Assist Seniors in preparing spring schedule on campus
  • Compile diploma list with desired spelling
  • Spring registration for college classes
  • New Century Scholarship application completion during Senior Seminar
  • SUU Graduation application due December 15
  • Iron County School District Career Fair
  • Middle school recruiting
  • Prospective New Student and Parent Night meeting
  • Update Triangles and Excel Sheets
  • High school course requests
  • Senior graduation announcement orders
  • Junior Girls and Boys State applications/interviews
  • New Student Applications due February 1
  • New Century and Regent's Scholarship application due February 1
  • Get CCR mee ting materials to CCR coaches
  • 9th Group CCR Meeting
  • 10th and 11th Individual CCR Meetings
  • Freshman and Junior ACT
  • Prepare Juniors for Fall registration
  • Iron County Scholarship Fair
  • Fall Registration for college classes
  • Senior Photo
  • Night of Excellence
  • SUU Graduation
  • Boundary School Graduation
  • Senior Lagoon Trip
  • Finish and fix high school schedules
  • Register for SUCCESS Concurrent Enrollment classes
  • Bring in new students if needed
  • subject to change