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High School Courses Taken at SUCCESS Academy

High School courses taken at SUCCESS Academy may be remediated up to a B+ grade regardless of the original grade. However, remediation does not guarantee a B+ grade. SUCCESS Academy high school courses eligible for remediation are listed below.


Secondary Math 1
Secondary Math 2
Advanced Math


Earth Science
Science Research


Language Arts 9
Language Arts 10
Language Arts 11


Study Skills

Remediation Option #1: SUMMER SCHOOL

Summer School runs for 2 weeks during the beginning of Summer Break (see teachers for specific dates) during which time all teachers will be available for grade remediation. During summer school students will meet with teachers they wish to remediate grades through and receive an individualized plan for remediation. The cost of summer school is $20 for the entire two-weeks.

Remediation Option #2: Mid-Year Remediation

At a teachers discretion a student may pay $40 per quarter credit hour to work with a teacher to remediate a grade during the school year. For specifics please visit with your teacher.

Boundary school logos

High School Courses Taken at Boundary High School

Boundary high school classes for which a failing grade was received may be made up through ICSD Summer School. For more details please visit with your counselor at SUCCESS Academy. Registration for this remediation takes place in April/May of each school year.

Southern Utah University Logo

SUU Courses (Campus or Concurrent Enrollment)

Grades for College Courses may not be remediated. Once a grade is received for a college course it becomes a permanent grade on a students college transcript. To receive a higher grade a student must repeat the course. A student IS NOT allowed to repeat a class via Concurrent Enrollment. Repeated courses must be taken on SUU campus and tuition must be paid by the student. SUCCESS Academy does not pay for students to repeat a college course. For more information visit the SUU Registrars or Concurrent Enrollment sites.

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Additional Information

High school course credit recovery for failing grades may be remediated through other options as well. A student may take a failed class through an Online option (such as Electronic High School or BYU-Independent Studies) to receive credit. However, the grade received does NOT replace the 'F' on the students transcript, it simply adds a new grade for credit.

If you find yourself needing to remediate or repeat courses, please visit with your school counselor at SUCCESS Academy to determine the best avenue for you.